Guest Contributions Format and Process

The SMILE program lesson format is as follows:

Subject Area (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics)

Title of lesson (One line)

Author and Institution (if appropriate)
Address (home is optional if institution address is included)
City, State & zip
Contact (phone or e-mail)

Included in the objective(s) should be the grade level that this particular lesson is aimed at. (e.g. This lesson will introduce the fourth through sixth grade student to ...)

Materials Needed:
A list of materials needed for the lesson. Please indicate how many students the list is for. (e.g. The following materials are for one group of three students.)

Give a fairly detailed description of how the lesson should be presented.

Performance Assessment:
How should the student(s) be evaluated on the concepts presented in this lesson.

(The following three sections are optional but suggested)

The total length of the paper should not exceed 3 pages (165 lines).

If drawings or diagrams are to be included, they should be done either using standard keyboard symbols and letters or included as jpg or gif images.
Prospective contributions in HTML, plain ASCII text or Microsoft Word should be e-mailed to SMILE. Your contribution will then be considered by the SMILE staff.
Since this project is funded by the National Science Foundation and the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the author retains the copyright to the lesson(s) with the condition that the lesson(s) may be freely reproduced for classroom use but MAY NOT be reproduced or used for profit without the express written permission of the author.

Thank you for considering a contribution.

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