To Construct An "ALTITUDE LOCATOR" To Find the Height of the Building,
Height of the Tree and Height of Any Given Objects

Desai, Jyotiben Schurz High School

Objectives: To learn to define the terms like Altitude, Ratio, Proportion, Similar triangle. To learn to construct an "Altitude Locator" To use Altitude Locator to find the angular distance of the Building and the angular distance of the tree. To construct the similar triangles and determine the height of the building and the height of the tree. Apparatus needed: Construction paper, glue, scotch tape, stapler, scissors, strings, paper clips, straws. Procedure: Glue the copy of the protractor to the card board and punch a hole in the middle of the Ruler side. Hang a paper clip through the string and pass it through the hole in the protractor. Paste a straw on the ruler side horizontally using the glue or the scotch tape. Look through the hole of the straw to locate the top of the building or the top of the tree and measure the angle of elevation E. Also measure the distance from the base of the object to the person B1. Find the height of the person from the ground to the Eye-level h1. Construct a similar right angle triangle with same angle of elevation. A |\ | \ T |E \ D R | \ E | \ |\ E | \ |E\ H1| \ | \ | \ | \ | O \ H | \ |90 \ | O \ K ------------ C |90 \ | B1 | |-------- | | F B G | h1| | | ------------ Right angle triangle AKC is similar to DFG(Construction). Angle KAC=FDG(Construction). Angle AKC=DFG(Right angle). Therefore H1 H -- = -- B1 B H1 = H (B1) -- B If B1=23.3 meter and B=10 cm. and H=5 cm., h1=1.52 m. 5cm.(23.3 m) --------------=11.65m 10cm. H=H1+h1 11.65+1.52=13.17m. Therefore the height of the tree is 13.17 meter. We can also find the height of the building using the same method.
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