Gilmore, Marie Raster School

Objectives: After completing this project, students should be able to: 1. Name two properties shared by all magnets. 2. State what will happen to a magnet that is suspended so that it is free to turn in any direction. 3. Describe how one magnet will affect another magnet when the poles of the magnets are arranged in a certain way. 4. Tell how a piece of iron can be made slightly magnetic. 5. Use your Magnetic Crane to explore magnetism. Apparatus needed: 1 battery (9 volt) 1 battery snap with leads 1 nail plastic coated wire (26 in.) 1 rectangular block of wood (4 in. x 1 3/4 in.) 1 angled block of wood (4 in. x 1 3/4 in.) 1 spring clothespin 2 each small screws and nuts electrical tape glue scissors a ruler pliers magnets iron Recommended Strategy: Magnetic Crane Procedure: 1) Glue the angled block to the rectangular block so that it angles out over the edge. Set aside to dry. 2) Put the small screws through the holes in the clothespin so that the heads are on the inside. The heads should touch each other when the clothespin is squeezed. 3) Leaving about three inches of wire at the end, wind the plastic coated wire neatly around the nail starting at the head and winding down. Do not overlap the wire as you wind. 4) Wind the metal end of one of the leads from the battery snap (either one) around the bare metal end of the shorter (3in.) length of wire from the nail. Secure this with about 2 inches of electrical tape so that it does not slip off. 5) Connect the other lead from the battery snap to one screw on the clothespin and secure it there with a nut. Connect the bare metal end of the long piece of wire from the nail to the other screw and secure it with a nut. You may need pliers to bend the wire. 6) Attach the battery cap to the battery. 7) Tape the wires along the blocks so that the nail hangs over the angled block. Tape the battery to the crane so that the snaps face the center. 8) Place the clothespin switch on the back of the crane so that the screws hang over the end of the block. Tape the bottom half of the clothespin to the block. 9) To make your magnetic crane work, press the clothespin switch so that the screw heads touch. As long as you hold the switch closed the nail will attract small metal objects.
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