Reflection Relay

Lillian Degand Peterson Elementary
5510 N. Christiana
Chicago, IL 60625
(312) 534-5070


To use the laws of reflection to bounce a beam of light around a classroom to
hit targets and to attain the lowest elapsed time to hit the targets.

Materials Needed:

3 pocket sized mirrors for each group
one filmstrip projector
several bullseye targets

Suggested Strategy:


1) The light beam must strike each of the three mirrors before hitting the
target and there may be obstacles that the beam of light will have to be
directed around.

2) The team members must cooperate to direct the beam of light to the
target while using all three mirrors to change the light's path.

3) Each team must hit a different target.

4) Each team will be given up to five minutes of preparation time before the
clock is started to time the 'official' time.


1) Each team will be timed with the lowest time being the winner.

2) No team will be allowed to use more than two minutes to accomplish the

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