The Air Out There

Gladys Allen Louis Wirth Experimental School
4959 S. Blackstone
Chicago IL 606l5


The elementary student will be able to;
demonstrate air movement.
indicate the direction of the air.
measure the speed of the air in different areas.


1. scissors, square sheet of paper, straight pin, pencil with eraser, piece of
crepe paper

2. tagboard, compass, felt tip pen, juice bottle, straw


The students will divide themselves into two groups. Group One will
construct a windmill using the following directions: Fold the paper square
diagonally. Fold it again. Now, when you open the paper and lay it flat out,
it will have an "x" creased through it. Cut along each fold within one inch of
the center. Pick up one corner and hold it in the center. Do this with each
corner and staple. Stick a pin through the center and attach to an eraser.
Mark one of the blades with a small streamer.

Group Two will construct a weather vane following these directions: Cut the
shape of an arrow with a long narrow tab from the tagboard. Curve the tip and
insert the tab into the end of a straw. Insert the straw into the juice bottle.
Mark the directions N, S, E and W.

Have both groups proceed outside and break up into groups of two so that one
person will have a windmill and one person will have a weather vane. The
windmill will measure the speed of the air by counting the number of times the
sticker passes the pencil. The weather vane will point and indicate the
direction of movement.

Performance Assessment:

The participation and data collection of each student.


Air does move, the speed can be measured and the direction can be calculated.

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