Understanding Waves

Renee Allen Louis Wirth Experimental
4959 South Blackstone
Chicago IL 60615


1. Eighth grade students will gain an understanding of waves.
2. Eighth grade students will gain an understanding of the properties that all
waves have in common.
3. Eighth grade students will gain an understanding of the types of Waves.

Materials Needed:

1. Ripple Tank 4. Paper (Notebook)
2. Tuning Forks (3) 5. Pencils(1 for each group)
3. Rope (Make two pieces 2 meters each) 6. Springs (Slinky) & (Door Screen)


Arrange five stations:
Station 1 Ripple Tank
Station 2 Tuning Forks and bottle of water
Station 3 Rope tied to door knob or other solid object
Station 4 1 Spring (Slinky)
Station 5 1 Spring (Screen Door)

Divide the class up in groups and have each group take a station. Have the
students work with waves at the different stations and write down two
observations at each station. Student groups should spend at least five minutes
at each station. When all groups have spent time at each station, then class
should take their seats and share on board the observations made at each
station. Each group should have a scribe and a scribe can be appointed to
record all observations on the board. When all has been recorded, the teacher
can go over the terms with diagrams and use observation. The terms that need to
be covered are: waves (mechanical and electromagnetic), transverse,
longitudinal, amplitude, wavelength, frequency, and speed. Next let the
students go back and explore the different stations.

Performance Assessment:

Each student in the group would have the same grade

5 points ----------5 observations
4 points ----------4 observations
3 points ----------3 observations
2 points ----------2 observations
1 point ----------1 observation

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