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This miniteach is designed for grades 3-8. The student will be able to measure
angle and distance of an arc.

Materials Needed:

balls ping pong guns
water guns bow and arrow
dartboard/darts stopper guns
rubberbands protractors
aluminum foil string
plastic spoons meter sticks
rocket gun


The class will observe a demonstration of a ball rolling off a table, thrown in
the air, and rolling off of a ramp. The class will give a very short
description of what they have observed.

There will be seven stations set up to observe.
1. Water guns
2. Dartboard/darts
3. Slingshots with a rubberband and aluminum foil
4. Catapults with the plastic spoon and aluminum foil
5. Rocket gun
6. Ping pong gun
7. Bow and arrow

The class will give a very short description of what they have observed.

Performance Assessment:

The class will break up into groups of four. Each group will get some stopper
guns to measure the angle and the distance of the stopper. The angle will be
measured using a protractor and string. The string will hang straight down in
order to figure out the angle of the arc. The distance will be measured using a
meter stick. The class will describe their observations and give a conclusion.


The class will be able to answer this question: What angle was needed to get
the greatest distance?

Answer: A forty-five degree angle will give the greatest distance.
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