The Effects of Solar Energy

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This mini teach is designed for the primary level. Students will learn that
solar energy is absorbed and used in all aspects of life. Students will learn
that plants will not grow without solar energy, and that planet earth would be
so cold and dark that nothing could survive.

Materials Needed:

Activities 1 Activities 2 Activities 3

Solar Print Paper Coloring Activities Terrarium sunprint paper work sheet 1 2 liter bottle solid object work sheet 2 soil transparencies crayons seeds card board water Strategies:

Activity #1

1 In class place card board box on grass.
2 Place sunprint paper on top of box.
3 Place object on sunprint paper.
4 Place transparencies on top of sunprint paper.
5 Take class outside on a sunny or an overcast day. Do not expose the paper
to sunlight until you have assembled the kit.
Finally, when paper is exposed to sunlight an image will emerge.

Activity #2

1. Color picture one (picture of a person exposed to sunlight)
2. Color picture two (picture of flower and trees exposed to sunlight)

Activity #3

1. Cut the 2 liter bottle in half.
2. Place soil in bottom of 2 liter bottle.
3. Place bean or seeds in the middle of two liter bottle then place more soil
on top of planted seeds.
4. Pour water into the soil.
5. Finally cover your terrarium with other half of bottle.
6. No more water is needed.
7. Place in sunlight.

Performance Assessment:

Activity #1

Question: By using Sunprint paper students will observe and verbally explain
why colors change when exposed to light.

Answer: Solar energy is absorbed by paper, and causes it to change color.
Teacher/Student should try this experiment and watch an image

Activity #2

Using crayons, students will color the pictures that depict the different
reaction that relate to solar energy. (Prior Knowledge)

Question: Ask students to bring pictures up and explain why humans change

Answer: Solar energy is absorbed by humans.

Activity #3

This activity allow the students to measure growth and graph the growth of their
own plants.

Question: Ask students what made their plants grow?

Answer: Water and solar energy absorbed by plants made them grow.


These activities cover material included in major textbook series and motivates
children to learn, while having FUN. Solar energy is absorbed and used by all
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