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Inertia 1. Playing card and nickel Balance a playing card with a nickel on your index finger. Then with your other hand, try to flick the card out from under the nickel so that the card flies out but the nickel stays on your finger. 2. Tablecloth Pull the tablecloth out from under a set of dishes. Fill the cups and glasses with water first. 3. Blocks and glass Put a full glass of water on a stack of 6 3"x3"x1" blocks and use a support pole to knock out the bottom blocks. 4. Stack of nickels You can knock the nickels out of the bottom of a stack with a credit card. General Conclusion:

The more weight an object has, the less it moves if you exert the force quickly.

5. Weight and string
Use thread to suspend a 400g weight and tie another thread below. If
you pull fast the lower thread breaks, and if you pull slow the upper
thread breaks.

6. Barbie and Ken
Barbie uses her seat belt and Ken doesn't, so Ken shoots out of the


Put a clothes pin on an embroidery hoop and balance it on a wide mouth bottle.
Ask what will happen if you jerk the hoop out. Explain using the idea of
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