Mass  vs  Weight.


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   The purpose of this mini-teach is to give the students an understanding of the concepts of Mass vs 

 Weight and a basic understanding of metric measurements.




The following materials are used in this presentation as hands-on learning tools and demonstration;


Inertial Balance

6-C Clamps

3 Beakers 1000 ml, 500 ml, 100 ml

Very Large Sponge

Ball of String

6 Ring Stands

Box of small washers

Small of Beads (or small box of sand)

6-Stop watches

Meter stick

Metric scale




       This lesson will start with a brain storming session concerning the relationship and the previous knowledge of the concepts of Weight & Mass. The class will be motivated to formulate

Ideas about the two concepts to be tested in the class .The second step in this process will to demonstrate the concept of Atoms and Density. The small beads will be used to simulate Atoms of matter in Mass .A class member will be asked to measure the mass of an empty 100 ml beaker and then after it has been filled with the beads. Another student will subtract the masses of the full beaker from that of the empty beaker and divide it into the Mass. This procedure will be repeated for the 500 ml and 1000ml beakers. The class will discuss the findings of the demonstration.

        The third step in this unit will to divide the class into groupies of four members.  A set of string, 4 washers, Ring stand, Stopwatch, and a meter stick. The group will construct and test a pendulum that has 1 wash for the pendulum bob, string for the pendulum arm. The group will count the number of oscillations made by the pendulum in thirty seconds. This procedure should be repeated by adding one washer at a time and counting the number of oscillations up to four washers.

Performance Assessment:


  The students will be expected to draw a graph of their finds of the number of oscillations made by the pendulum in thirty seconds . For the first demonstration the class would be expected to find the densities of all three beaker and compare them.  Each student will prepare a paper explaining their views on weight vs mass with references from the internet to support their position .




 The individual students will support their final positions in a paper to be turned in to the instructor.






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