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James Howard Stone


About James Howard Stone:

James H pskill 다운로드. Stone TEDX IIT Talk, April 2012, Overseer, IIT Stuart School of Business, 1998, – Director, Knapp Institute, 2009 – Director, Harvard Club of Chicago, 1998, – Director, Harvard business School Director Little City Foundation 2003- (2003 recipient Spirit of Life Award) Direction International Film Festival 2001-2007 Director Blue Gargoyle, Innovations Charter School 2004-2007 (Founder Pay for Performance Scholarship Program 2004 to present) President Pilgrim Chamber Players Highland Park, IL 2000 – Chairman National Conference Christians and Jews Chicago Director, Secretary, Executive Committee Roosevelt University, Chicago (1983-2006) Chicago Council on Global Affairs 1966 -, Director 1972-1978 Director Hadley School of Blind 1983-1998, life trustee 1998 – Director, Executive Committee, Division General Manager Stone Container Corporation 1962-1998 Founder and President Stone Management (Consultants) Corporation 1969.

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