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Dr. Manu K. Vora

President of BFI

About Dr.Manu K. Vora:

Dr. Manu Vora is the Founder Director and President of the Blind Foundation for India (BFI) since 1989. The BFI Charter is to prevent and cure blindness and educate and rehabilitate incurably blind people in India. Since 1989, Dr. Vora and his team at BFI have raised over $3.5 million to serve over one million blind people in India. He is Chairman and President of Business Excellence, Inc. a global quality management consulting firm. He has over 38 years of leadership experience guiding Fortune 500 companies with Baldrige Performance Excellence assessment in the areas of leadership development, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and continuous process improvement. He teaches operations management courses at Chicago area business schools since 1993.