Dr. Ricky Cooper

Ricky “Rick” Cooper is Assistant Professor of Finance at IIT Stuart School of Business.

Dr. Cooper recently came to full time academics after a successful career in industry. During this career Dr. Cooper was a portfolio manager, co-founder of the Enhanced Index group, and an inaugural director of the Advanced Research Center of State Street Global Advisors in Boston, MA.

Dr. Cooper then returned to Chicago where he was a Senior Partner and Director of Quantitative Analytics at Harris Investment Management (now BMO/Harris Investments) for several years before starting his own investment company.

After several years, and a good track record, Dr. Cooper sold his interest in the company and moved to the Ultra-High frequency trading space as Director of Risk Management and Research for Xambala, Inc. in Silicon Valley. It was during this time he found his love of questions regarding market ethics and high frequency trading, and decided to devote full time to teaching and research.

Dr. Cooper has taught at Wayne State University, Harvard University, Vanderbilt University where he currently has an adjunct appointment, and the Illinois Institute of Technology where he is a full time faculty. His research has been published in numerous academic and professional journals, and he has won several research awards including the paper of the year award (2001) from the “Journal of Financial Economics” and two honorable mention Dietz Awards (2013) from the “Journal of Performance Measurement”.  Dr. Cooper has taught all aspects of Finance but currently spends time teaching many classes in various type of Investment Management and Asset Pricing Theory. He considers his students to be among his greatest joys and hopes no one will feel embarrassed by his talk.