Sunny Shah

Sunny Shah, a first-year psychology major, is a young and ambitious member of the IIT community Polaris Rhapsody. During his senior year at the Illinois Math and Science Academy, he led a student run organization to teach 200 sophomores about leadership and psychodynamics through the lens of social entrepreneurship and policy reform 엠게임 장기.

As one of two freshman Duchossois Leadership Scholars, he’s driven to enhance leadership, communication, collaboration, and innovation around campus cura 32비트 다운로드. He’s creating a summer program that fosters these skills for incoming freshman through project based learning.

Sunny quickly found his niche in IIT and Chicago’s entrepreneurship community 서든 어택 a 보급 맵 스킨. He’s a member of Chicago’s Future Founder’s Circle, the Entrepreneurship Academy Council, and president of IIT’s Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization download the h.264 codec.

He’s shown extraordinary public speaking skills through a variety of entrepreneurial pitch competitions. Winning a regional competition in Chicago earned him the opportunity to speak at the national CEO conference in Florida 익스플로러 8.0. He got used to speaking in front of large audiences during his term as class president, and won the best speaker award at a national Junior Statesmen of America convention 위플래쉬. He’s given professional talks in the past, organized a TED-like event in high school, and was voted by his peers to be their class’ graduation speaker 마운트앤블레이드 홈브모드 다운로드.


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