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Keeping the dream alive

About Tanya Cabrera:

Tanya Cabrera earned her degree in History at Northern Illinois University and later taught U.S 나랜디 3.8 다운로드. Social Movements at an alternative high school on the north side of Chicago (El Cuarto Ano – Association House). After serving as Educational Director for the Boys & Girls Club, she served as a College & Career Coach with Chicago Public Schools (Benito Juarez Community Academy) April download your lies. It is here where she sought to create access to postsecondary education for all students within the community, in particular the immigrant and undocumented population Free download of Korean and computer. The 2010 CPS budget cuts offered an opportunity to work at the higher education level, she took the position as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at IIT 3d max source. She worked collectively to outreach all CPS schools and tripled enrollment for fall 2011 among CPS students and the Chicago land area. She recently took a position with our Vice Provost of Student Access, Success, and Diversity Initiatives as Associate Director of Minority Outreach and Undocumented Student Liaison 여행 mp3. She was recently appointed as one of the nine commissioners to raise funds for a private scholarship for undocumented students here in Illinois (Illinois Dream Fund Commission).