Todd Diel

Todd Diel is the Project Coordinator for Education and Safety at IIT’s Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH), as well as an Adjunct Industry Professor for Illinois Tech’s Department of Food Science and Nutrition Download Messenger by Hanbi. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Illinois and received his MBA from Michigan State University.


Over the course of his life, Todd has played many different roles, including quality assurance technician, sales manager, researcher, safety compliance officer, entrepreneur, game designer, and missionary 케니 지. In his personal time, he serves as a lay minister at his church. Through all of these, he has gained a sound appreciation for the power of standards, both as levels of quality or excellence and as rules used as a basis for judgment Dew nursery rhymes. He has experienced how applying standards to one’s personal behavior can result in deep and meaningful changes in character that lead to self-actualization—becoming the person one wants to become 포켓몬스터 오프닝.

Todd enjoys reading, writing fiction (he’s a two time National Novel Writing Month winner), fishing, and playing complex strategy games, especially those with a fantasy flavor Download Minecraft Furniture. He resides just outside of Chicago with his wife, three boys, a dog named Oreo, and a tank of tropical fish. Their home is filled with the sounds of sword fighting, creature summoning, and dog barking, punctuated by frequent bursts of laughter 미이라.