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The Gift Economy

About Tom:

Tom Tresser is an educator, organizer and nonprofit consultant. He calls himself a creativity champion and defender of the commons. He was director of cultural development at Peoples Housing where he created a community arts program that blended the arts, education and micro-enterprise. Tom has acted in some 40 shows and produced over 100 plays, special events, festivals and community programs. He was a co-founder of Protect Our Parks, that stopped the privatization of public space in Chicago. He was a lead organizer for No Games Chicago, a grassroots effort that opposed Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid. He has taught workshops on “The Politics of Creativity – A Call To Service”for arts service organizations in six states. Tom also consults with arts organizations on strategic planning, audience development and peer-to-peer marketing. Tom has published a web-based project,“America Needs You!” – about the need for artists to get involved in politics. Tom was the  Green Party candidate for the position of President of the Board of Commissioners of Cook County in November 2010 election. He is teaching a class on creativity for Stuart’s MBA Program and a class on social change for the MPA Program.