Yashwini Kamdar

Masters in Genetics from University of Mumbai and in CS from IIT.  A proud mom of two children with a daughter at IIT. Yashwini has been working at Alcatel-Lucent for 23 years.  She has successfully delivered multi-million dollar projects for VzW, AT&T, Sprint, CTC.  In 2011 she finished a marathon as her first race and has in total  completed two marathons and five half marathons.  She strongly attributes her success to her community and is passionate about giving back. Examples include: mentoring at high schools and colleges like IIT, UIC, UIUC and Waubonsee; helping students in the areas of leadership, Project Management, international mergers, resume reviews, mock interviews; and serving as a teacher for the toddler class at her temple, the Jain Society of Chicago.  She has also served as a judge for science fairs and BPA competitions. Previously, she was an invited guest speaker at an  International symposium attended by 900 participants across 45 countries, and was an invited speaker at a Women’s health conference on wellness journey.