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Antoine Foggs

Vice President – Communications

About :

Antoine Foggs was born and raised in Chicago 장기 게임. Discovering writing early on in his life, he learned that he had a passion for communicating with and helping others. He’s set out on a mission to propel himself into a position that will enable him to help others Download the kyobo mungo ebook pdf. Antoine is currently attending Illinois Institute of Technology, studying Information Technology and Management. He is in his third year and is pursuing his bachelor’s and master’s degree simultaneously Download the live donation. He runs a strategic marketing business on the side, and is planning on starting a literary arts magazine.

Three things you are good at:

Writing; Problem Solving; Helping others

Three Hobbies/interests:

The arts; talking with people; reading

Three Interesting facts about you :

1 이사랑 mp3. Appeared on local news to receive a scholarship in 2015

2. Was born on mother’s day (May 11 1997)

3 Download what is the Lord Grace. A passionate advocate for Apple juice in the case of apple vs. orange

Country/area of origin:

Major, class of:
ITM, Class of 2019