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Brion John Samsy

Chair, Volunteering

About :

Brion is a Metallurgical Engineering undergraduate student at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago smart a 다운로드. He is very hardworking and isn’t afraid of thinking big.  From a very young age, Brion has always emphasized on self improvement and is always ready to take on new challenges Download Zeroboard 4. Brion joined TEDx IIT because he wanted to improve his leadership and management skills while giving back to the society in the process.

Three things you are good at: 

Time management, problem solving, Team work

Three Hobbies/interests:

Powerlifting, Boxing and Soccer

Three Interesting facts about you :

Memorised the value of Pi to 200 decimal places

Motivational speaker

Musical Theatre Actor

Country of origin:


Major, class of:
Metallurgical Engineering, class of 2019