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Darshan Doshi

Vice President – Operations

About :

Darshan is a hardworking, active, and determined student 나노마신 다운로드. He dreams to start his own company within the next 2 years and works hard to live his dream. He believes through TEDx he can gain experience, expand his creativity and his networks, and make some great memories to cherish in the future Gangster Vegas Bugpan. He is very affable and can talk for hours on a variety of topics.

Three things you are good at:

Connecting with people easily, Problem solving, Always Active

Three Hobbies/interests:

Sports, Food, Travelling

Three Interesting facts about you :

Born on April Fool’s

Won Nasa Space Settlement Competition in year 2010

Intermediate at French (comment vas-tu aujourd’hui)

Country of origin/now:

Major, class of:
Computer Science, 2019