Deng Xu

Deng Xu


About :
Having strong skills in mathematics and being an Applied Maths major, Xu loves using his mastermind to solve difficult problems. His skills will be a great fit as he will try to make the most out of the budget for TEDxIIT 2017 as the treasurer. While his critical thinking and negotiation skills will help with fundraising, it will also give the team a fresh perspective. With this year’s TEDxIIT team, his leadership, financial skills, and public speaking will grow together.

Three things you are good at:
Math, Organization and Problem Solving,critical thinking

Three Hobbies/interests:
Singing; communication with different people, learning about different cultures, food;  science.

Three Interesting facts about you: 

Singing all the time. Joking all the time. Thinking all the time.

Country of origin:

Deng Xu