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Dilruba Palabiyik

Chair, Marketing

About :

Dilruba is a Marketing Analytics graduate student at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago 풀빵 동영상.

After completing her bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and working for a while.She decided to pursue a Master’s degree in data analytics with a focus on Marketing due to her fascination of advancements recently made in this field Download Stylish Sprint. USA is the fourth country she has been living so far. She believes  every country contributes  new attributes to her personality, enriches her perception.TED  talks was a passion of hers, kept her motivated , inspired so many times 꼬마유령 다운로드. She  is looking  forward to give her best and contribute the TEDxIIT team.

Three things you are good at:

Time management, problem solving, organization

Three Hobbies/interests:

Dancing, Running and Photography

Three Interesting facts about you :

LindyHop Dancer


Passionate about technology

Country of origin:


Major, class of:

Master of Marketing Analytics,  2019