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Hiram Gamiliel Abraham (Hi-rum)

Webmaster, Co-Chair

About :

Hiram attended IIT as a Computer Science major from Fall ‘09 to Summer ‘11 중국 배틀그라운드. He’s known about TED and TEDx since 2012 and has always thought the work they do to be amazing. When he found out he could actually be a part of it all it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up 인터스텔라 무료.

In addition to sales he is currently a freelance developer looking for ways to better himself and his skillset. By working with TEDxIIT as Webmaster Co-chair he aims to improve his leadership skills, as well as his management ability, teamwork ability, and many other skills that will benefit him in the real world logcat filter 다운로드.

Three things you are good at:
Determination/Resilience, Versatility, Attention to detail

Three Hobbies/interests:
Cycling, Programming/Logic, Spirituality

Three interesting facts about you:

  • I am Ethiopian/Native American/Indian with a dash of Irish, also vegetarian and Jewish;
  • I hooked up cable tv when I was 2 (or so I’ve been told);
  • I am working on becoming a licensed hypnotherapist

Country of origin:

Major, Class of:
Computer Science, Class of 2013