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Kartika Sekar

Chair, Fundraising/Hospitality

About :
Kartika is an Information Technology & Management graduate student at IIT 드래곤길들이기2 더빙. She completed her undergraduate in Electronic Communication Engineering from VIT University, India. Kartika strongly believes that we are what our experiences make us in the end 이클립스 wtp. She loves to be around people and help them. This is what encouraged her to be a part of the TEDxIIT team. She is here to learn, grow and help others grow java xml 파일 다운로드. She promises to work with full determination and zeal. She is very passionate about the upcoming TEDxIIT event.

Three things you are good at:

Entertaining, Hard Work and Being Passionate 다스뵈이다 mp3 다운로드.

Three Hobbies/interests:

Photography, Adventure sports,Traveling.

Three Interesting facts about you :

Pure amalgamation of south and north Indian, Chatterbox, Avid pathfinder 도가니 영화.

Country of origin:

Major, class of:
Information Technology and Management, 2018 윈도우 10 블루투스 드라이버.