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Niharika Karia

Secretary TEDxIIT 2016

About :
Niharika believes in “Simple living, High thinking” Cloud Brush. She is always happy to discuss new ideas and brain storm to solve challenges. She finds the idea of spreading knowledge very appealing. She has previously worked as a trainer for robotics workshops for sophomores 웹 크롤링. She is enthusiastic about sharing ideas worth spreading. She contributes to TEDxIIT 2016 by using her organizational ability as the secretary. After 2 years of experience in a multinational IT giant, she is currently pursuing a Professional Masters of Data Science from IIT Download Macbeth.

Three Things that you are good at :
Good at handling stress, extremely well organized

Three Hobbies/interests:
Reading, Swimming, Environment preservation

Three Interesting facts about you :
Can speak 5 different languages plus one dialect and eager to learn more, Won the silver medal at district level Karate Tournament, Loves to drive a bike

Country of origin:

Major, class of:
Data Science, 2016

Niharika Karia