Nik Rokop

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Nik Rokop

IIT Faculty Advisory Board

Nik Rokop is Industry Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at IIT Stuart School of Business. He teaches entrepreneurship at the undergraduate and graduate level, in addition to assisting on special projects for the Dean of IIT Stuart, supporting the Entrepreneurship Academy, recruiting for the undergraduate business program, and supporting IIT’s Innovation Center.
As a life-long entrepreneur, advisor to and investor in entrepreneurial ventures, Rokop has a passion for creating new businesses and helping others succeed. Rokop is past President & CEO of nLake Technology Partners, a management, business development, and technology commercialization group specializing in nanotechnology. He has more than 20 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and international operations. His career spans the iron and steel industries, manufacturing, consulting and the Internet.

Three Things that you are good at:
make connections, help with strategy, help with tactics

Three Hobbies/interests:
theater, golf, travel

Three Interesting facts about you:
teach a for-credit course in IPRO to help students start and grow their business; started the first cybercafe in a major international airport (1995); got my third degree at the age of 60

Country of origin: Hungary

Major, class of:
Master of Design Methods, IIT, 2012