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Prateek Parab (Pra-teek Pa-rab)

Production, Chair

About :
Prateek is a Graduate student, studying computer science 슈퍼로봇대전 v. Apart from professional engineer, he’s good at badminton and other sports. He has done undergraduate degree in computer Engineering, where he was a part of different student organizations as a coordinator and secretary also he had taken part in various olympiads Download Windows 10 One Note. He also loves to watch anime and solve puzzles. He’s highly enthusiastic and motivated person, always ready for the new challenges and to learn new things 고이비또요 다운로드. This is for the first time he is going to work for TEDxIIT, and he’s ready to take new challenges.

Three things you are good at:
Problem solving, Managing, Technical tasks

Three Hobbies/interests:
Solving Rubik’s cube, playing badminton, coding, watching anime, assembling PC and reading about new technologies 레고 배트맨 무비 다운로드.

Three Interesting facts about you:
Quick learner, curious about everything and love to travel

Country of origin:

Major, Class of:
Computer Science, 2019