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Ratna Sudhir Kendhe

Co Chair, Marketing

About :

I believe it’s very important to learn in life, and keep learning, but while we’re at it, never lose the sense of childlike wonder Planet Escape 2001. I have a diverse range of interests. From building sand castles on beaches bringing out the  child in me, to testing my photography skills while clicking pictures of a vicious Cobra being dangerously close, to breaking all boundaries and jumping off a plane, these experiences have been instrumental in sculpting me 어린이훈민정음. It has helped me to learn about overcoming fear, living independently, being more sociable and exploring the adventure called life.

TEDxIIT will give me a great opportunity to learn and meet people and find out their perspective on different things in life jvm 다운로드.

Three Things that you are good at:

Convincing people, Connecting the dots, Being Creative 세이부축구.

Three Hobbies/interests:  

  1. Passionate about Travelling
  2. Loves Reading
  3. Novice photographer

Three Interesting facts about you:  

  1. I have read every Harry Potter book 6 times 콩순이. I should start reading it for the 7th time now.
  2. I can sing.
  3. Being a traveller at heart, I cannot stay at home for more than 5 hours Download wavefile.

Country of origin: 


Major, Class of:

Information Technology Management, 2018