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Shreya Chitnis

Chair, Volunteer

About :
Shreya is a first year graduate student majoring in Biomedical Engineering 통화매니저. She completed her undergraduation in Biomedical Engineering from Mumbai University, India. She worked for St. Jude Medical as a Biocomputing Engineer for two years, during which time she was awarded for her contribution to the Atrial Fibrillation Monitoring device project 자연사진. In the future, she aspires to work in the field of healthcare technology specializing in Medical Robotics. Her  disposition to step out of her comfort zone and face new challenges has made her take up the responsibility of Volunteer Chair, TEDx IIT 2016 한방맞고.

She is an outdoorsy person who loves adventure sports and photography. She has trekked extensively in the Himalayas and Sahyadris and believes such activities develop open mindedness, positive attitude and teamwork skills Download the Gyeonggi-do Evangelism. She also believes that change is the only constant and that the best way to learn anything is by doing.
Three things you are good at:
Action oriented, Brain storming, optimistic and motivating Download Private Justice School.

Three Hobbies/interests:
Trekking, Photography, Adventure sports

Three Interesting facts about you :
I love mountains more than beaches
Shopping bores me
I find exploring unusual places interesting

Country of origin:

Major, class of:
Biomedical Engineering, 2017