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Shyamoli Gramopadhye

Chair- Hospitality

About :
Shyamoli is a 1st year graduate student at IIT majoring in Food Safety and Technology mb 의 추억 다운로드.  She has completed her Bachelors in Biotechnology. TED Talks introduced to her, her idols like Tristram Stuart and their ideas which made her want to get involved with TED explorer 8 다운로드. Having been only a part of smaller teams at smaller organizations, TEDxIIT is going to be a big exciting challenge, something that she is really looking forward to 유튜브 동영상 일괄!

Three Things that you are good at (can do easily, can help, can contribute) :
Planning, Writing, Communication.

Three Hobbies/interests :
Always excited to know new facts about Tech, Food and Nutrition 호밀밭의 파수꾼. Books. People and their psyche.

Three Interesting facts about you:
Extremely passionate about Food, Nutrition, Food Wastage and Sustainability Spell firm proof.  Explorer. Adaptable.

Country of origin :

Major, class of:
Food Safety and Technology, Class of 2016


Shyamoli Gramopadhye