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Shyamoli Gramopadhye

Chair- Hospitality

About :
Shyamoli is a 1st year graduate student at IIT majoring in Food Safety and Technology.  She has completed her Bachelors in Biotechnology. TED Talks introduced to her, her idols like Tristram Stuart and their ideas which made her want to get involved with TED. Having been only a part of smaller teams at smaller organizations, TEDxIIT is going to be a big exciting challenge, something that she is really looking forward to!

Three Things that you are good at (can do easily, can help, can contribute) :
Planning, Writing, Communication.

Three Hobbies/interests :
Always excited to know new facts about Tech, Food and Nutrition. Books. People and their psyche.

Three Interesting facts about you:
Extremely passionate about Food, Nutrition, Food Wastage and Sustainability.  Explorer. Adaptable.

Country of origin :

Major, class of:
Food Safety and Technology, Class of 2016


Shyamoli Gramopadhye