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Tung Le Nguyen

Chair, Hospitality

About :
I am freshman studying BME at IIT 대항해시대 온라인. Along my academic journey, I exposed myself to different cultures and communities only to learn valuable insights on working with people from different background as well as to apply those experience into a multi­perspective approach to problem solving Download Vivaldi browser.
TedxIIT is a small yet vibrant community as I have been experienced so far. I believe that the skills I will learn would be beneficial to my future career Download the web server image. Besides, Who doesn’t love Ted talks? Being a part of organizing team excites me, and I hope this would be a memorable experience years to come.

Three things you are good at:
working independently Fortress. Social Interactions, Bargaining

Three Hobbies/interests:
Sports, Politics, Books ( especially Psychology books )

Three Interesting facts about you :
Play guitar, Play and watch multiple sports, Love to travel around the world, will study abroad if I have a chance

Country of origin:

Major, class of:
Biomedical Engineering 2019

Tung Nguyen