Xiao Qin

Xiao Qin

VP – Operations

About :
Second year Finance Graduate student in IIT Bohemian Rhapsody mp3. She loves watching TED talks, so she volunteered as a speaker buddy in TEDxIIT 2015. Before pursuing her masters degree in IIT, she worked in the Finance department of a global automobile company Download libreoffice. She specializes in evaluating cash position and making recommendations on investments.

Three things you are good at:
Budget Planning, Negotiating, Event Organizing

Three Hobbies/interests:
Swimming, Drawing, Cooking

Three Interesting facts about you :
My height is still increasing at the age of 25 오토데스크 레빗.
I am a left hander forced to write with right hand.
I was a part-time drawing teacher before studying in IIT.

Country of origin:

Major, class of:
Finance, 2016

Xiao Qin