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Yinman Zhong

2016 TEDxIIT President

About :

Yinman Zhong is a Public Administration graduate student at IIT Download McAfee. She was an intern in an important department of Chinese government for 6 months, which improved her ability to work under high pressure. She worked for Resala (the largest NGO in Egypt) as a volunteer in 2013, besides her anti-desertification project, she also started her own Chinese Learning project, which was a huge success Download explorer 8. It’s was very dangerous during her time in Cairo, the country fell into anarchy, there was a lot of protest and slaughter, but she insisted to go to work everyday spirited away. She was very dedicated and made contributions to cultural exchange between China and Egypt. After that, she spent 3 months in rural area in Thailand, she volunteered in a school as an English teacher 구글 북스 다운로드. With her strong sense of social responsibility, she is able to take the challenge from TEDxIIT and keep spreading thoughts.

Three things you are good at:

team work, communication, cultural exchange

Three Hobbies/interests:
travel, make friends, explore new things

Three Interesting facts about you :
love adventure, always want to have different experiences, love to be with people

Country of origin:

Major, class of:
Public Administration, 2016