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Yoetzin Diaz

Co-Organizer/Advisory Board Chair

About :
A proud IIT Alumna 카이저. A graduate of the College of Architecture 14’ Yoetzin returns as part of the Advisory Board and Co-Organizer for this year’s event. Her involvement in TEDxIIT since 2012 has led her to gain many valuable skills and unique experiences Download the free font in Chinese. It has given her the opportunity to explore and learn outside of her field and has given her the confidence to take on whatever challenge is set in front of her 액세스 무료!
This year she returns ready to share her knowledge and expertise while leading the team on an exciting TEDxIIT journey!

Three Things that you are good at:
Team Player, Self motivated, organized

Three Hobbies:
Hiking, Traveling, Music and Food enthusiast Download the folk painting.

Three Interesting Facts about you:
Can play an Instrument.
Have friends from/in almost every part of the world Windows 7 hotfix.
collects postcards and foreign currency. 

Country of origin:
Chicago, USA

Major, class of:
BArch 14’

Yoetzin Diaz