Yuehan Guo

유튜브 영상

Yuehan Guo


About :

A second year undergraduate student at Illinois Tech, pursuing Bachelor of Science In Applied Mathematics Download magnets. He was raised in Shanghai, China and moved to Connecticut, United States in his 10th grade. He volunteered as a speaker buddy in TEDxIIT 2016, and came back TEDxIIT 2017 as the chair of volunteer committee, a committee that is all about connecting people with one another Fallout New Vegas. He is looking forward to meeting with people from all around the world with different culture and give the best to TEDxIIT.

Three Hobbies/interests:
Debate, Communication, Adapting new culture

Three Interesting facts about you :
Trading Card Game, Badminton, Solve math problem

Three Interesting facts about you:

Procrastinate but can always get things done right before deadline

Volunteering in an English-Chinese subtitle group

Play a Chinese string instrument named Erhu (“er-hu” 二胡)

Country of origin:

Major, class of:
AMAT, 2019