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Dennis Anand (Ah-Nund as in Undone)
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About :
Dennis is a first year Finance Graduate student at IIT Stuart Download Plasma Swords. He is an MBA and has worked for 3 years in the banking sector. He has served on the planning team of many organizations in school and college. Dennis loves meeting new people from diverse cultures and exploring opportunities to acquire new skills Download The Walking Dead Season 9 16. He has a passion for music and is an avid reader.

Three things you are good at:
Problem Solving

Three Hobbies/interests:
Travelling, Reading, Hiking

Three Interesting facts about you :
Have been playing the guitar for 10 years, I can solve the Rubik’s cube in under 3 minutes, I can narrate pretty scary campfire stories

Country of origin:

Major, class of:
Finance, 2016

Dennis Anand