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Chair – Webmaster

About :
A trilingual Czech-Vietnamese student studying ITM at IIT Download jtds. Born and raised in Prague, the heart of Europe, currently living in Chicago. Surrounded by a highly diverse group of people most of my life has helped understand different cultures and view the world from various perspectives 더 샌드박스. Highly-motivated entrepreneur interested in start-ups and web development. I am looking forward to apply my technical skills I learnt in the classroom, on the website and radiate my positive energy to my colleagues in order to bring out the best out of everybody in the Webmasters committee and beyond 드라마 진실.

Three Things that you are good at

Teamwork, Communication, Leadership

Three Hobbies/interests:

Traveling, Meeting new people, Startups/Entrepreneurship

Three Interesting facts about you:

Trilingual, Asian-European, Hilarious

Country of origin:
Czech Republic

Information Technology and Management

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