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About :
Sai Krishna Atukuru is an IIT alumnus from Armour College of Engineering , MS Structural Engineering’ 15 Milk music. His journey with TEDxIIT started 4 years ago, during his first year at IIT. He took up a different role every year and was successful in fulfilling it 계산기 앱 다운로드. He now is a part of advisory board, guiding the team reaching their goals. From being a volunteer when he first to being an advisor now, Sai has always been very dependable, enthusiastic and hardworking 적수의 투기장.

Three things you are good at:
Communication, Problem solving, Management.

Three Hobbies/interests:
Books,Music, Food webshare 다운로드.

Three Interesting facts about you :
I love visiting new places.
I am very adaptable.
I am a very quick learner Free download to Office for Mac.

Country of origin:

Major, class of:
Structural Engineering, 2015