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San Lae Lae Cho is a TEDx Speaker of TEDxIIT 2017 암네시아. She is an enthusiastic, curious and hardworking prospective architect with a growth mindset and communication skills. As a young architect, she is occasionally nominated for her architectural design nero 9 다운로드. Not only is she an outstanding architecture student, but also excels in leadership and commitment through various involvements on campus such as student organizations and volunteer work Download youtube full. Due to this wide field of involvement, she has experience in leadership, teamwork, problem solving, decision making and stress management. From a unique cultural background of Myanmar, she loves experiencing new culture and working with a diverse community 그해 여름 다운로드.

Architecture Portfolio:

Three things you are good at:

Architecture, Graphics, Trilingual

Three Hobbies/interests:

Learning graphics, designing, making pretty things, photography

Three Interesting facts about you :

TEDx Speaker, Leadership Academy scholar, pets lover

Country of origin:



Architecture, 2018

San Lae Lae Cho