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Matthew Dixon – Deepmind and the Future of the Finance Industry


Can Google’s Deepmind predict the future of financial markets? Google has released tensor-flow, an open source software, that provides special types of neural networks that perform well on gene sequencing and speech transcription problems. I show how these networks help us predict the future of financial markets.

Matthew Dixon is an Assistant Professor of Finance and Statistics in the Stuart School of Business. His research focuses on the application of advanced computational techniques to financial applications, especially in the areas of algorithmic trading 텔레 그램 pc 버전. Matthew’s research is currently funded by Intel Corporation and he has been referenced as a computational finance expert in multiple reputed media outlets and trade shows including the Financial Times. Matthew holds a MEng in Civil Engineering from Imperial College London, a MSc in Parallel and Scientific Computation (with distinction) from the University of Reading, and a PhD in Applied Math from Imperial College.

Marshall Brown – Driverless Cities


As municipalities around the world try to grasp the practical opportunities and policy impacts of driverless cars, our project will be positioned to provide human-centered social scenarios, technical solutions, and infrastructural prototypes. In short, our team aims to reinvent transportation infrastructure as human infrastructure for the 21st century.

Marshall Brown is a licensed architect, principal of Marshall Brown Projects, and an Associate Professor at the IIT College of Architecture 슬램덩크 자막. Brown is a Graham Foundation grantee, and recently exhibited at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale. He has also exhibited at the Arts Club of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, and Western Exhibitions. In 2016 he appeared in the PBS documentary “Ten Towns that Changed America.” His projects and essays have appeared in several books and journals, including Metropolis, Crain’s, Architectural Record, The New York Daily News, Art Papers, and The Believer.

Sahand Zeinali – Where Are Driverless Cars?

Where Are Driverless Cars?

Sand is a BS/MS student in IIT and he is currently doing his thesis in a databases/machine learning related field Download webfont. He started college at the age 16 and has worked in many well known companies like Goldman Sachs. He has taken many courses in the area of the topic and is proficient at it.

Charles W. Faulkner – Imagination: It’s Not What You Think. It’s How You Think


Imagination is not what you think. It’s how you think. Cognitive research reveals that images, metaphors and stories are the basis of our mental operating system: the origin of our intuitions and our irrationality Nameless. Counterintuitively, more accurate insights do not come from increasing information or reason, but educating our imagination. Charles Faulkner is an independent researcher on language and its effects on communication,

Charles Faulkner is an independent researcher on language and its effects on communication, decision-making and change. He has worked in the Silicon Valley, ‘the City’ of London and 3M, HP, IBM, HSBC and Cargill. His decision-making work is featured in books including The New Market Wizards. His popular works include the audio programs: The New Technology of Achievement, Success Mastery, and Creating Irresistible Influence. His original work on metaphoric communication and change is documented in three programs. He has lectured in 15 countries including at the University of Chicago, Columbia College NYC, the Sorbonne, and London School of Economics.

Joey Thurman – Like Me, Follow Me, Unbrand Me


From birth we are branded as individuals Android web server. We are branded with the way we look, who our family is, and who people think we should be. With the emergence of social media comes a whole other level of branding and who we are supposed to be. I want to pull the curtain back on social media and show the real side of things from my experience.

Joey Thurman is a health, fitness, nutrition expert, tv personality, and the author of 365 Health and Fitness Hacks That Could Save Your Life. Joey was named the best trainer in Chicago by the Chicago Sun Times in 2015 and’s top 3 favorite celebrity trainers. He appears regularly on The Today Show, CBS, WGN, FOX, ABC and WCIU. Joey’s work has been featured in publications such as U.S. News and World Report, NPR, Shape, NY Post, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Fitness Magazine, People Magazine, NPR, DailyBurn, Shape, CaliDiet, and The Chicago Sun Times Download Kinky Mode.

Curt Allee – Openness to Exclamation


Some people may say that they ‘always had an interest’ in their career field. What if you did not know that your area of interest even existed? Dr. Allee will outline how he learned about his degree field and the efforts taken to achieve his current role.

Curt E. Allee, Psy.D. is the Director of Educational and Professional Development at Stuart School of Business overseeing Stuart’s Student Advising, Orientation, and Registration (SOAR) activities and the Board of Advisor’s Mentorship Program. Additionally, he teaches courses in the Advancing Career and Education (ACE) Program, a workplace preparation program designed to assist students with limited U.S.-based work experience become more competitive for internships and jobs in the United States 드래곤 길들이기 더빙. Dr. Allee is also an assistant professor of business psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where he has taught Individual Interviewing, Performance Management, and Advanced Research Project courses.

Director, Educational and Professional Development; Director, Advancing Career and Education Program; Vice Chair, Illinois Tech Staff Advisory Council; Chair, Staff Advisory Council Membership Committee.

Tim Rhodes – Work Your Clown


Tim Rhodes failed fourth grade! He would never have earned his master’s degree and lead a $100 million international organization if not for one factor–RESILIENCY!!! Using juggling, Tim will eXclaim how YOU can develop your own resilience by seeking help, reframing failure, setting a moral compass and facing fears Download WonderBalls!

An award-winning speaker, writer and coach, Tim Rhodes shares practical lessons from his life as a Ringling Brothers clown, ordained clergyman and CEO of a $100 million international organization. Having given over 1,500 presentations in 12 countries, Tim will have you laugh, learn and leave with steps for immediate action. Tim has served on boards of directors in the insurance, pharmacy and rehab industries. He has served on non-profit boards in graduate academics, health care, social services, and the arts. Tim served six years as a member of a CEO leadership advisory board.

Tammera L Pate Stay Night ubw. Holmes – Get Kids High


As numerous ailments plague modern academic and corporate institutions, an untapped pool of candidates waits to be propelled into their dreams. Unsuspecting, lost, forgotten and underestimated, many young people of color are idly waiting for IG or FB to make them celebrities. In the midst of poverty, violence and crime, can the one that will lead humanity into interstellar space travel, survive past age 21?

Growing up in a crime-ridden, poor community herself, she understands the impact the current inner-city climate has on young peoples’ ability to expect greatness beyond what they see. Her AeroStar Aviation programs offer strategies and tools for a future beyond their imagination and is literally giving Wings to Dreams.

Tammera spends countless hours as a motivational speaker for youth as well as professionals, inspiring each to do their part in building the future of the global Aviation and STEM communities Download Pill 3.0. She travels, delivering dynamic messages of hope and perseverance through sharing her personal story.

Bill Beteet – Someone’s Going to Laugh When You Die


After performing standup comedy for 367 consecutive days I realized that having a high capacity for shame is one of the secrets to success.

-Born in London, Raised in Hong Kong

-Chicago-Kent College of Law Student

-Comedian at the Laugh Factory

-Published in TIME, Inc. The Independent and Apple News

-35,000 Followers on Quora and over 11 Million Views

-Performed standup comedy 367 Consecutive Days Last Year Comedian, Law Student

Carly and Martina Spiro – You Don’t Get to Make Me Happy


“You Don’t Get to Make Me Happy”: How fifteen year-old twin singers/songwriters inspire others with their empowering anti-bullying song teaching that we are the gatekeepers of our own emotions and our future. How one song energized a movement and launched a music career.

Carly and Martina unexpectedly launched their music career at the young age of 13 with their first recording contract for their original single “Make Me Happy” — a song with a strong anti-bullying message. The now 15-year old twins began their music career as a result of overcoming the negativity of being bullied. They have an international, loyal fanbase and have performed at several venues across the US. Ordinary is not a word that can be used to describe Carly and Martina. They write all of their own lyrics, musical arrangements, and produce their music and music videos.