Pledge FAQ

Joining Triangle
Cost of Living

What are the requirements to join Triangle?

Unfortunately, you have to be a male (*sorry ladies*) pursuing a degree in some form of architecture, engineering, or science. If you are enrolled at IIT there is a 99% chance that you are eligible.

I meet the criteria and I'm thinking about joining. How can i tell if Triangle is right for me?

The single best way to find out if Triangle is right for you is to come hang out with us, even if it is not a "RUSH" event. Worried about being rude? Don't be. We will be more than happy to accomodate you.

I like Triangle. How can I join?

If you are interested in Triangle, stop by and meet the guys. If you show interest and make good connections, you may be offered an invitation or "bid" to join. Note: During rush week the actual "bid" day is Saturday. We cannot offer you an invitation any earlier. However before and after rush week bids may be given at any time.

How expensive is Triangle?

Surprisingly, it is significantly cheaper than living in the dorms. The actual figure depends on membership for that semester. The price for the upcoming semester Fall 2011 semester will be in the neighborhood of $3200. This includes all activity fees as well as room and board in the house.
For members that do not wish to live in the house, there are fraternal dues and activity fees that sum to a few hundred dollars. We also offer meal plans at the house as an alternative or supplement to the school's meal plans at much more reasonable rates. If you have any specific questions contact our Treasurer.

What are the advantages?

The advantages are countless. There are tangible, rock-solid benefits that we can put on paper and show you. However, there are also the intangible benefits that must be experienced. Those cannot be listed. I will list some of the more popular benefits of the chapter.
  • Brotherhood...that lasts a lifetime
  • Alumni... if you're looking for a job or some help with your resume, talk to our alumni
  • Real Food...from our live-in chef Bob Patten
  • do things you have never done
  • No Moving / Storage your stuff in our house during the summer/christmas break
  • Custom Rooms, we own the house so any modificiation within reason is acceptable
  • A good study enviroment, we are all engineers, architects and scientists so we have been in the same classes and can help you
  • Leadership, become a leader in the chapter, the community and with the national orgnization

What does the chapter expect of me?

In a word "Participation". We expect you to take an active role. We expect you to learn our Code of Ethics and try your best to live by it. Everyone in the chapter is assigned to a different committee. You will be expected to work with the people of this committee to help plan whatever special dinners / retreats / socials they are in charge of.
  • House duties... We take great pride in keeping our house neat and tidy. Relax, it only takes 5-10 minutes a night.
  • Chapter and committee meetings...They happen every Monday night @ 9:30. Meetings facilitate communication and operation of the house.
  • Community Service...Something we are very active in. Expect to go to the Chicago Marathon, Shamrock Shuffle, Special Olympics, and more.

What can I expect from the chapter?
  • A memorable college life. We have alumni from way back in the day (*like 70s-90s*) stop by with their friends / wives / families all the time. They enjoy talking about new ideas and old traditions.
  • A common bond with every member nationwide. You will undergo the same rituals that all Triangles have done for some 95 years now.
  • A place to call home...forever.

What if I don't like it?

There are no strings attached. At the end of your pledge semester, YOU decide if you want to come back.

I have other questions, who should I ask?

Contact our Rush Chair, Ryan Kamphuis, or our New Member Educator, Jacob French