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The deadline for the next publication is 11:59pm on September 28, 2014 to


Prepare files according to the guidelines below.  Email all submission files, including any supplementary information, to


At least one primary author must be an undergraduate at Illinois Institute of Technology, Shimer College, or Vandercook College of Music. All submissions must reflect original research based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy: the claims made and references used by the author are genuine and valid.
  • Clarity: the submission can be easily understood by an educated audience and the author is explicit in their claims, avoiding vague and misleading language.
  • Originality: the submission represents the unique academic contributions of undergraduates.
  • Relevance: the content highlights the work of undergraduates and engages the IIT community and its prospective students.

Submissions should not have been previously published. If the submission has been previously published or submitted to a journal or conference proceedings, an explanation must be provided.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions can take the following forms:

  • Scholarly Articles: Research-based articles between 1500 and 5000 words. Please include relevant graphs, data tables, maps, or any other supplementary material. Articles must have an abstract, be written in third person, and have the following sections:
    • Abstract: A brief summary of the research and its results; this should contain fewer than 200 words.
    • Introduction: The history and background of what is being researched and why.
    • Methods: A detailed description of the tools, resources, methods, and techniques used to conduct the research.
    • Results: The data resulting from the research.
    • Discussion: An interpretation of the results. This addresses implications of the results, possible mistakes made during research, and suggested topics for future study.
    • Acknowledgements (optional): This addresses any assistance or tasks provided by third parties, such as Argonne National Laboratory or your advising professor.
    • References: Cite all references used in the article.
  • Literature Review: Critical review of published work between 1500 and 5000 words.  Reviews must be written in third person and have the following sections:
    • Background: An analytic review of the relevant past and present literature to  the research purpose, clarification of the purpose of the study, and the general hypotheses to be tested.
    • Theory: Relevant methodologies and theories that impact the study.
    • Review on Instruments: Present evidence that supports the choice of instruments over those not chosen.
    • Summary: A precise account on the current state of knowledge on the topic and instruments used in the study.
    • Acknowledgements (optional): This addresses any assistance or tasks provided by third parties, such as Argonne National Laboratory or your advising professor.
    • References: Cite all references used in the article.
  • Research Experience: A personal narrative highlighting the experience of being involved in undergraduate research, rather than the content and results of the research itself. IIT, Shimer, and Vandercook alumni may submit research experience submission if the research was conducted while the author was attending IIT as an undergraduate. This type of submission can be particularly useful when the research being discussed is under copyright.  Submissions should be written in first person.
  • Photo/Poster Essay: All photographs and posters should include an explanatory paragraph or two and citations for each photo. Ideally, the photo essay will portray a cohesive or thematic story regarding the material presented.  Submissions should be written in third person.
  • IPRO Report: 3000 – 5000 words, excluding appendix. See additional requirements below.  Submissions should be written in third person.
    • Purpose and Objective: Project objectives, problem(s) to address; any sponsor, community, and/or community involvement
    • Background: any information on work from previous IPROs, current information on the problems/objectives faced, and any information on research or technology that relates to the project
    • Analysis and Findings: organization and approach, research data, major discoveries.
    • Conclusions and Recommendations: analysis of the research data, issues that need to be further researched or addressed; include implications of the design, impact on society in this section, etc.
    • Acknowledgements: This addresses any assistance or tasks provided by third parties, such as Argonne National Laboratory or your advising professor.
    • Appendix: include all references, graphs, photos, drawings, or tables pertaining to the project; no more than 4 pages

All submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Submissions should be written in a way that is understandable to an educated professional outside of the field in question. When using specifically technical terms and concepts, the author should either define them the first time they are used or direct the reader to a separate glossary.
  • Abbreviations and acronyms should be avoided in the abstract.  All abbreviated text must be spelled out fully the first time they are mentioned, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. The abbreviation may then be used in the rest of the document.  Only use standard abbreviations, to avoid confusing the reader.  Do not begin sentences with an abbreviation.
  • Use SI units for all mathematical and scientific content, with appropriate significant digits.  Exceptions to SI units are architecture and civil engineering content.
  • All graphics and tables should have appropriate captions, figure numbers, labels, and titles.
  • All formatting including citations and references should be in the styles below:
    • Applied Physics: AIP
    • Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics: AMA
    • Chemistry: ACS
    • Humanities and Social Sciences: APA
    • All other fields: Chicago
  • We suggest that all authors make an appointment to review their work BEFORE submission with the Writing Center. Appointments can be made in advance on the sign–up sheets on the doors of the Writing Center in 232/233 of Siegel Hall. Walk–in appointments are also possible when tutors are not working with scheduled students.

When sending submissions:

  • Submissions should be sent in .docx (or .doc)  AND .pdf file.
  • In the subject line, please put your type of submission along with the title.  For example, if the submission is a Photo Essay titled Biomechanics, the e-mail subject should be, “Photo Essay – Biomechanics”.
  • Submissions should be e-mailed to to