Northern Illinois University, Department of Geography, 2012

Argonne National Laboratory, Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center, 2012

Northwestern University, Seminar at Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, 2012

The Pennsylvania State University, Colloquium at Information Sciences and Technology College, 2010

Purdue University, Midwest University Industry Summit, 2010

Purdue University, Seminar at Computer Science Department, 2010

University of Illinois at Chicago, Seminar at Computational Transportation Science Program, 2010

Carnegie Mellon University, Seminar at Robotics Institute, 2009

Columbia University, Colloquium at Electrical Engineering Department, 2009

University of Wisconsin at Madison, Seminar at Computer Science Department, 2009

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Seminar at Beckman Institute, 2009

University of Notre Dame, Seminar at Computer Science and Engineering Department, 2009

Northwestern University, Seminar at McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2009

Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis, Seminar at Computer Science Department, 2009

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