GIS Cup Sample Data Set 1: Download

GIS Cup Sample Data Set 2: Download

GIS Cup Sample Data Set 3: Download

GIS Cup Sample Data Set 4: Download

GIS Cup Sample Data Set 5: Download

The sample data file contains 3 txt files, one .png file and one README file.

  • lines_out.txt: This file contains the input Line geometries that form the boundary of the counties in NH state, USA.
  • points_out.txt: This file contains input Point geometries  that are used to constrain the line simplification process. Notice the relationship of each point to the input set of line geometries. After simplification this relationship should be preserved.
  • lines_simple_out.txt: This file containes the result of a valid simplification. The resulting file should only contain the Line geometries as only these are changed as part of the simplification process. The output file should be formatted the same way as the input file using the same IDs for each simplified line geometry.
  • training_data.png: This file shows two images: one for the input set of lines with the constraining points and the second image with the simplified lines along with the points.