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Yuval Merhav

Hooray, I graduated! Not a PhD candidate anymore :)

This homepage is really out of date, but the email address and phone number are still valid.

Computer Science Department
Illinois Institute of Technology
Email: firstname.lastname AT gmail dot com
Cell: +1-508-685-(September)(August)(zero)(number of NBA championships Lerbon James won)

I work on Information Extraction and Retrieval with my advisors Gady Agam and Ophir Frieder. I also work with Denilson Barbosa from the University of Alberta. If you're interested in collaborating on research I'd love to hear from you.

  • Jan 2017: Moved to Amazon working on Alexa. Still in Cambridge, MA.
  • August 2011: I moved to Basis Technology based in Cambridge, MA, where I work as an NLP Research Engineer. At Basis I work on Cross-document Co-reference Resolution and Entity Linking among other cool stuff.
  • In summer 2009 I was a summer research intern at the University of Alberta Database Group. We developed SONEX - a social network extraction system. Since then I returned to Alberta a couple of times to continue the work. If you have never visited Alberta, you should -- the Canadian Rockies will leave you speechless.
  • You can follow me on Twitter @yuvalmerhav.