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Welcome to Earl Zwicker's home page at IIT. I am part of the SMART program at IIT and am developing interactive science and mathematics lessons to be available on the internet for anyone to access. I am a Professor Emeritus at Illinois Institute of Technology

Some of my interests are tennis, teaching/learning, choir.

If you would like to interact with my SMART lessons, click on The Pythagorean Puzzle or The Bernoulli Effect, Conceptually, respectively.

Professional Interests

Earl Zwicker has dedicated the past thirty years to perfecting and proselytizing an interactive approach to teaching introductory physics courses. He believes that physics is best taught in the spirit of the "Christmas Lectures" of Michael Faraday through participation in "live' classroom experiences to observe basic phenomena and explore physical principles. He suggests that students will learn physics more readily through such experiences. He asserts that the traditional, relatively abstract, approach to the teaching of physics dampens the enthusiasm and excitement of discover and creates unnecessary obstacles to learning, which can be avoided by well-focused, incisive classroom experiences involving physical phenomena. Earl Zwicker has worked tirelessly, through good times and lean, to spread the message of "phenomenological physics" throughout the land. A generation of students at IIT and other regional institutions have had a more direct and meaningful experience as a result of his efforts. He is an internationally recognized figure as founder and guiding spirit of the much-acclaimed high school teachers program operating in the Chicago area for the past thirty years. He has been a guru for students, classroom teachers, and educators who are struggling to improve the teaching of mathematics and science---perhaps the most serious challenge facing our society today.

References to Michael Faraday

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