Bhushan Research Group


The focus of our research is to


(1) Tissue engineering using organ-on-chips to generate disease models


(2) Create biosensors and cell-based sensors for monitoring cellular function in vitro and in vivo, and


(3) A new initiative to develop mathematical models that utilize experimental data with datasets to find undiscovered insights. 

We collaborate with several labs and hospitals in Chicago. The work is supported by NIH, ARDF, NSF, Nayar Foundation, Diabetes Research and Training Center (University of Chicago) and Institute of Translational Medicine.

November 2019 - Our student team participates in the 2019 iGEM competition in Boston. Check out our project here. The project won the first place in its category on IPRO Day.


November 2019 - Jasmine Baste receives travel award to present her work at ABRCMS.


October 2019 - Feipeng Yang defends his dissertation to graduate as the lab's first PhD student.


August 2019 - Collaborative project with Rush awarded pilot funding awards for personalized pancreatic cancer diagnosis. 


July 2019 - Bhushan lab receives funding from ARDF!


July 2019 - BIT Mesra students work in the Bhushan group as part of the Illinois Tech Summer Immersion Program. Welcome!


May 2019 - Qifan He, Laura Hetzel, Vineet Penamurthy, Kihwan Kim successfully defend their MS thesis! Congratulations!


April 2019 - Dr.Bhushan mentored team selected to represent Illinois Tech in the 2019 National Academies of Engineering Grand Challenges Scholars Program in Washington D.C.


January 2019 - Bhushan lab paper published in journal TechnologyPress release, more coverage, and article.


Bhushan lab participates in communicating science to the public, this time through a partnership with C2ST and Science Riot. Check out the video here.


September 2018 - Andrea Cancino receives BMES travel award to attend the 2018 BMES Annual Meeting in Atlanta!


September 2018 - Poster on our research presented at the Islet Cell Biology meeting in Nashville.


July 2018 - Rongfei Fu sucesfully defends his thesis. Congratulations!


July 2018 - Chengyao receives travel award to attend the Kenneth Rainin Innovation Symposium in San Francisco

and presents two posters.


June 2018 - Bhushan lab work profiled.


June 2018 - Our work profiled in Technology Networks.


May 2018 - Chengyao receives the Starr Fieldhouse Research Fellowship! Congratulations!


April 2018 - Nida's paper accepted for

publication in Biotechnology and Bioengineering!  


February 2018 - Chengyao's paper accepted for

publicationin in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering! Additional coverage by ACS.


October 2017 - Our paper published in Biomedical Microdevices!


October 2017 - Bhushan lab one of the two teams selected for the Nayar II Phase 2!


October 2017 - Abhinav Bhushan presents at the Mid-Atlantic diabetes symposium held at NIH, Bethesda.


The lab welcomes new students!


Congratulations to new graduates Stacey, Chelsea, and Agnes! 


April 2017 - Dr. Karnik and Nida present their research at Experimental Biology 2017 conference.


April 2017 - Tung Nguyen receives first prize at the Klipatric lecture symposium.


March 2017 - Undergraduate student Tung Nguyen presents poster as lead author at Pittcon 2017.


January 2017 - Stacey Cahoon selected for undergraduate research support from the Armour College of Enginering.


Briana Rhodes, Kihwan Kim join the group as Master's students. 


October 2016 - Bhushan lab receives Nayar II Phase 1 award!


September 2016 - Chengyao Wang joins the group as a Ph.D. student.


Daisy Lopez, Efrain Salazar, Laura Castaneda, and Vineet Penumarthy join the group as Master's students. Welcome!


June 2016 - Dr. Sonali Karnik joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow.


June 2016 - Antonio (Jun Yeob) joins the lab as a summer intern. Welcome!


May 2016 - Damian Hernandez joins the lab as a REU student. Welcome!


May 2016 - Luisa Oliveira joins the lab through the Summer Immersion Program!


May 2016 - Adelyn Zelaya receives summer fellowship!


May 2016 - Morgan Kretlow selected for IIT summer 2016 Armour R&D Fellowship! Congratulations!


April 2016 - Several undergraduate students join the lab as researchers.


April 2016 - Rongfei Yu joins the lab as a Master's student.


March 2016 - Vijay Rajendran joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher.


February 2016 - Nida Tanataweethum joins the lab as a PhD student.


January 2016 - Bhushan lab webpage goes online!