Our research is currently focused on the growth of wide band-gap semiconductor single crystals for application in radiation detectors, heat and mass transfer phenomena in processing of semiconductors as well as measurement of their thermophysical properties. Techniques used for single crystal growth include Brigman, Czochralski, Zone Refining, Physical Vapor Transport methods. Experimental studies are supported with numerical modeling. Contact us for detailed information on this research.

Contact Information

Professor Aleksandar G. Ostrogorsky
Laboratory of Semiconductor Compounds and Alloys
Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering
Illinois Institute of Technology
3440 S Dearborn St, Suite 159, Chicago, IL, 60616
Phone: +1 312-567-5268
E-mail: AOstrogo@iit.edu

Lab Directory

Name Room Phone E-mail
Dr. Aleksandar Ostogorsky,
MMAE Dept. Illinois Institute of Technology, Lab Director (LD)
RE-246C 312-567-5268 AOstrogo@iit.edu
Vladimir Riabov,
Research Assistant, Graduate student, Illinois Institute of Technology
RE-044 312-567-3058 vriabov@hawk.iit.edu
Laboratory Room Phone
Crystal Growth Laboratory UTP-159 312-567-5106
Laboratory of Semiconductor Compounds and Alloys RE-044 312-567-3058
Materials Processing Room 472-4220


Name Phone E-mail
Alexei V. Churilov, PhD, Senior Scientist, RMD,
44 Hunt St, Watertown, MA, 02472
617-668-6816 AChurilov@RMDInc.com
Dr. Martin P. Volz, Materials Scientist,
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center,
EM31, Huntsville, AL, 35812
312-567-3058 Martin.Volz@nasa.gov
Dr. Lodewijk van den Berg, Consultant
9658 Leeward Ave, Largo, FL, 33773
Prof. Arnold Burger,
Center for Photonic Materials and Devices,
Physics Dept, Fisk University,
1000 17th Ave N, Nashville, TN, 37208-3051
Prof. Dr. Arne Cröll,
Crystallography-Institute of Geosciences,
University of Freiburg Hermann-Herder-Str. 5,
Freiburg, Germany, 79104
+49-761-203-6439 arne.croell@krist.uni-freiburg.de
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