IIT Invention Center: Projects so far


  1. David Rine "Leg Stretching Machine"
  2. G. Sodhi and H. Yokota "3-D Sound"
  3. Brian Bosak "The Phototray Agitator"
  4. A. Fecadu and K. Beyene "Mosquito Vac"
  5. Nick Koularmanis "Turn Signal Reminder"
  6. Nathan Stowe "Spark-Light"
  7. David Langelan "Tube Roller"
  8. Federico Sciammarella "Alarm for Personal Items"
  9. Jesus Jimeno "Child-Proof Senior-Friendly Cap"
  10. Kenneth Gholar "Drink Filtering Machine"
  11. A. Fecadu and K. Beyene "Heat Wave Massager"
  12. William Sewell "Ergonomic Telephone Rest" 


  1. Tony Baran "Universal Engine Mount"
  2. Priyankar Balekai "Fighting Pollution with Ozone" 


  1. Arynn Akins "Multipurpose Binder Attachment"
  2. Jason Annes, John Carr "Liquid Propane Injection System"
  3. Mike Klimavicius "Hunter's Portable Ladder"
  4. Ken Morrison "Waterbed Conversion Kit for Standard Beds"
  5. Jameelah Sharrieff "Massaging Infant Car Seat"
  6. Vide Sutalo "Tent Wizard" 


  1. Freddy Guime "Credit-Checking Program"
  2. Gary Joseph "Oil Spill Control Platelets"
  3. Mike Sekerak "Remotely Controlled TV Antenna"
  4. Alex Mathai "ZIF Socket for PC Boards" 


  1. Robert Brevelle "Martial Arts Conditioner and Trainer"
  2. John Casey "Electronic Notary Service"
  3. Tony Chivilo "One-Way Jumper Cables
  4. Janice Davidson "Cooling Sunchair"
  5. David Detlefsen "Leaning Chair Parachute"
  6. Jaime Duran, Larry Gooding "Salt Dispensing Shovel"
  7. Wajih Kanjo "Frictional Machine Snubber"
  8. David Van Dyke "Aerodynamic Lift Golf Club"


  1. Tuan Bui "Ergonomic Articulated Crutch"
  2. Mehdi Rizvi and Tausha Tate "Improved Ice Sledge Design for Sledge Hockey"
  3. Jim Whelan "Wheel Hub Squeegee"


  1. Carl Lebsack "Spherical Gravity-Reference Switch"
  2. Mike Shogren "Drummer's Metronome"
  3. Chris Swan "Modular Network Cabling System"
  4. Linus Lidberg "Motorized Suitcase"
  5. James Whelan "Double-Decker Lazy Susan"
  6. Masahiro Shimojo "No-Flat Bottle Cap"
  7. Ben Merbitz "Quarterstaff Roleplaying Game"
  8. Aric Harris "Mouse for Prosthetic Hands"


  1. Siddhant Bhansal, Stephen Ou "Internet-Based Notary"
  2. Danny Bockenfeld "Frostbite: Notebook Computer Heat Exchanger"
  3. John Horner "Board Game Storing System"
  4. Mohammed Hussaini "CDML, Computer Decision Making Logic"
  5. Jason Morris "The Optimizer: a Desk Extension"
  6. Melvin Petties "You Know You Want it"
  7. Mircea Biagini "Solar Sail"
  8. David Goodchild "Tooltip Adaptor"
  9. James Penn "Photograph Mounting and Display System"
  10. Hélène LePrince "Comphortable Hair Washing"


  1. Jacob Fleisher "Hands-Free Tape Dispenser"
  2. Leondo Phifer "Supine Positioning Apparatus to Prevent the Rotational Movement of Sleeping Infants"
  3. Andy Schultz "Sexcellent.com"
  4. Aaron Smith "Braking Severity Indication System"
  5. Peter Zurawski "Heat-Driven Refrigerator for Developing Countries"


  1. Sohan DíSouza: "ARMament Joystick"
  2. Vicky Mark: "Two-Stroke Ethanol Oil Additive"
  3. Julie Michiels, Armando Martinez : "k-Force Max"
  4. Tim Schmidt: "Flat-Panel Folding Structures"


  1. Calvin Adenekan: "Remote Locator"
  2. Nikos Athanasakis : "Truth Table Simplifier"
  3. Charles Fortin & Heather Dietz: "Remote Control Snooze Button (RSB)"
  4. Rishi Ohri & Sivixay Souvannarath: "Timed Blinds"
  5. Ling Qi: "Luxury Shower System"
  6. Peter Zurawski & Shantanu Gupta: "Heat-Driven refrigeration for the Third World, Part 2"

last updated 9/14/2001